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In the beginning our company was established to solve industrial automatic problems in 1989.

Our main activity was to make machine tools’s driving controls with computer.

In that time the additional automatic was well-tried technology in the market.

Our ambition became to lead in the laundry market  with modernization of the old obsolete machines.

INDUCONTROL  PLC help us to convert equipment the resourceless domestic companies hotels and institutionals into a cost- efficient machines.

In 1995  our successful project could be found in the laundry of Helia Hotel to increase the safety operating with the

changing of the unstable program card electronic system with 7 pieces of driving control.

In 2008 we re-developed the INDUCONTROL driving control with 130 applications.

As the result of the development we can provide such a service with which our repaired machines became almost same

or close to  a technological standard and a used value of  factory – relatively to the price of a new furnishment with

minimal investment.

The new driving control makes easier the installation to a new machines and it helps for the user with technology, maintenance instructions and details about the 


The safety operating and the access of the information ensure  amoung others the radio telephone.

The developed programs give generally solutions for the refurbishment of folders, washer-extractors and dryers.

In most of the cases the expensive and difficultly purchased PLC driving control can be replaced by our product.

From 1995 we have made 95 % of the installation of a driving control with comprehensive modernization which included

the changing of the machine’s drivetrain.

In case of a washer extractors which operate with wrong efficiency and many fault possibilities with more motors driving

control we convert single motor frequency driving control.

Our first frequency driving control was installed in the SOTE hospital in Kútvölgyi.

By now our frequency driving control operates in 100 application.




  • built-in Pt 100 Thermometer
  • built-in piezometric water level meter
  • measure of program running, statistic summarize
  • built-in frequency communication
  • hygienic door handling
  • automatic position for divided drum
  • offer program editor
  • communication through mobil phone
  • built-in fault diagnosis
  • communication with chemical feeder system or own dosage


Our main References:

  • Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest
  • Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts
  • Hilton Hotels & Resorts
  • Budapest Marriott Hotel
  • Aquincum Hotel Budapest
  • Corinthia Hotel Budapest
  • Fővárosi Önkormányzat Idősek Otthona
  • Miskolci Patyolat Zrt.
  • Jahn Ferenc Dél-pesti Hospital
  • Széhenyi Thermalbath and Laundry
  • Zala Patyolat Zrt.
  • Dr. Piróth Endre Mentálhigiénés Otthon
  • Zala Megyei Hospital


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