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The Inducon Bt. is the new supplier of the german ThermoTex Nagel since 2017.

ThermoTex is family run business, which is a supplier of high quality products for professional textile marking and finishing.

For more than 28 years it has offered professional machines, supplies and services for textile marking. Based on experience, know-how and sound quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008, the ThermoTex company has become one of the leading suppliers on the European market. The company develops bespoke, complete solutions for the most varied requirements of hospitals, residential and care homes, laundries and companies operating in the textile and garment industry. The comprehensive array of products comprises heat seal machines, textile printers, transfer presses, printing systems and products for textile marking such as scanners, as well as the RFID technology product line. When it was founded, the company was run by just two men. By 1998, ThermoTex already had 35 employees and by 2008 the number of full-time employees had grown to 68. Supported by a team of sales representatives covering the whole market and its partners in numerous countries, ThermoTex provides consultancy and supplies its products to customers in the local area, nationwide and on the international market. 


Catalogue of ThermoTex

ThermoTex products



Thermo Ident thermotransfer press

Trans Press 11

Twinymat heat seal machine

PT-Compact 2 textile printers

TT4-DL printer

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